Shielded ZEC in your pocket.

Zcash is digital money

Fast and confidential with low fees — built for Internet and Mobile transactions

Shielded by Default

Auto-shielding automatically moves funds from a transparent Zcash address to the latest shielded ZEC pool!

Privacy Preserving

Nighthawk is a Z-address native wallet, funds can be sent out via your Shielded Address only.

Powered by ECC/Zcash SDKs

ECC supports Zcash through research and development, engineering, partnerships and regulatory efforts.

Nighthawk is a light-wallet

Using Nighthawk requires trust in the lightwalletd server(that stores the Zcash blockchain) to display accurate transaction information.

Self-custody wallet for Zcash

You have sole responsibility over their funds stored on Nighthawk. Please immediately and securely backup the seed words upon creating a wallet.

Custom lightwalletd server

You can change the default lightwalletd server on Android!

PIN protection (Android)

Set a 6 digit pin and even enable Face Id/Touch Id to open the wallet.

Export Seed Words to PDF (Android)

Generate a password protected PDF with the seed words for your wallet for backing up on a secure platform of your choice.

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