Private Money in your pocket.

Zcash is digital money

Fast and confidential with low fees — built for Internet and Mobile transactions

Shielded by Default

Auto-shielding automatically moves funds from a transparent Zcash address to the latest shielded ZEC pool!

Privacy Preserving

Nighthawk is a Z-address native wallet, funds can be sent out via your Shielded Address only.

Powered by ECC/Zcash SDKs

ECC supports Zcash through research and development, engineering, partnerships and regulatory efforts.

Nighthawk is a light-wallet

Using Nighthawk requires trust in the lightwalletd server(that stores the Zcash blockchain) to display accurate transaction information.

Self-custody wallet for Zcash

You have sole responsibility over their funds stored on Nighthawk. Please immediately and securely backup the seed words upon creating a wallet.

Custom lightwalletd server

You can change the default lightwalletd server on Android!

Buy ZEC via MoonPay (Android)

Customers that are not US residents can purchase Zcash (ZEC) by registering with MoonPay. KYC, Terms & Conditions apply per MoonPay policies.

Swap ZEC via &

Swap between several supported crypto-currencies straight to your Z-address or T-address. KYC, Terms & Conditions apply per service providers.

Unstoppable Domains Support

No more worrying about sending ZEC to the wrong address, simply enable UNS support under Settings > External Services and send ZEC to the recipient's UNS domain!

Need Help?

Connect with us via Twitter or Protonmail.

Export Seed Words to PDF (Android)

Generate a password protected PDF with the seed words for your wallet for backing up on a secure platform of your choice.